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La violence scolaire - French Essay :: Papers

La violence scolaire - French Essay La violence scolaire est un problÃÆ' ¨me en France depuis longtemps mais pendant la derniÃÆ' ¨re decade, le nombre de cases de violence ait augmentÃÆ' © considÃÆ' ©rablement. Il y avait eu six plans contre la violence mis en place pendant ce decade mais les faits nÂ’a cessÃÆ' © dÂ’augmenter. Pendant dix ans, la petit dÃÆ' ©liquance de mineurs a augmentÃÆ' © de 79% et la derniÃÆ' ¨re annÃÆ' ©e, 81.362 cases de violence scolaire dans ÃÆ' ©coles ont ÃÆ' ©tÃÆ' © rapportÃÆ' ©. Il y a beaucoup de raisons pour la violence qui a devenu si ordinaire dans les ÃÆ' ©coles franÃÆ' §aises. Toujours il y aura des petit disputes entre ÃÆ' ©lÃÆ' ¨ves mais il y a aussi des plus grandes facteurs. Beaucoup des ÃÆ' ©lÃÆ' ¨ves viennent de quartiers trÃÆ' ¨s pauvres et vivent des situations dramatiques, par exemple leur parents sont au chà ¡Ã‚ »Ã¢â€ž ¢mage, ils habitant dans des taudis ou ils subissent le racisme (la nombre de cases de violence racisme a particuliÃÆ' ¨rement augmentÃÆ' © pendant la derniÃÆ' ¨re decade, de pair avec lÂ’augmentation de nombre dÂ’immigrÃÆ' ©s qui entrer en France). Ils nÂ’entrevoient aucune perpective dÂ’avenir donc ils ne comprennent pas pourquoi ils doivent aller au college et ils commencent a le detester. Bien sÃÆ' »r, ÃÆ' §e nÂ’est pas seulement les ÃÆ' ©lÃÆ' ¨ves de situations maux qui sont violentes au collÃÆ' ¨ge, mais les ÃÆ' ©coles avec les nombres plus hauts de cases de violence sont les ÃÆ' ©coles qui situÃÆ' ©s dans les quarties pauvres. LÃÆ'  , les ÃÆ' ©lÃÆ' ¨ves issus de milieux populaires sÂ’y retrouvent en masse. LÂ’ÃÆ' ©cole reproduit donc les inÃÆ' ©galites sociales et cela provoque leur haine et violence quÂ’ils montrent au collÃÆ' ¨ge. Aussi, ces derniÃÆ' ¨res annÃÆ' ©es, lÂ’augmentation de la violence scolaire est allÃÆ' ©e de pair avec la diminution des moyens accordÃÆ' ©s ÃÆ'   lÂ’enseignement. Il y a seulement une simple corrÃÆ' ©lation. LÂ’augmentation du nombre dÂ’ÃÆ' ©lÃÆ' ¨ves par classe, lÂ’impossibilitÃÆ' © dÂ’encore donner une aide individualisÃÆ' ©e auz ÃÆ' ©lÃÆ' ¨ves en difficultÃÆ' © ne peuvent quÂ’accentuer les ÃÆ' ©checs et ÃÆ' ªtre ainsi des gÃÆ' ©nÃÆ' ©rateurs indirects de violence. Bien quÂ’il y eÃÆ' »t beaucoup de plans pour arrÃÆ' ªter la violence scolaire, aucune plan a eu un grand effet.

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Recognition Speech

To the ever steadfast director and school principal, Mr. Bartolome L. Avila, to the highly competent and deeply motivated teachers and staff; other officials who are present on this occasion;to the proud and loving parents; to the very important people- the stars, in today’s ceremonies, the awardees, ladies and gentlemen, a pleasant morning. Like most of you today, my feelings are really overwhelming. I know, you guys are as excited about this event as I am so excited to speak before you today.Not so long ago, I was seating exactly where you are right now and hearing an inspirational talk from a guest speaker back then. Yes, I am but a proud alumna of Pililla Academy and soon you too will be part of the Alumni. Today, Pililla Academy will name those outstanding students who brought honors to themselves, and to this school. As we, you gather here and start viewing those simple and ordinary faces, you will realize that these achievers are exactly as everyone else.The only thing different is that, they have made their choices. That is to STAND and be recognized in the area where they choose to be the best one. It is a matter of CHOICE. It is between doing the right thing or not, or be recognized in good things or in all foolish activities. Sa ngayon, sa hirap ng buhay na dinaranas natin, tanging ang mga parangal na inyong matatanggap ang siyang magsisilbing tanglaw, gabay at pag-asa tungo sa magandang kinabukasan.Bawat medalya at sertipiko na inyong makakamit ay higit na mahalaga kaysa anumang kayamanan, sapagkat ito ang sumisimbolo sa natatanging kahusayan at galing na inyong pinamamalas. â€Å"Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow a lready know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. †

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How Powerful Women Reinforce The Feminine Supremacy Of Medea

How powerful woman reinforce the masculine supremacy in Medea Medea, is Greek tragedy written by Euripides in 431 BCE, based upon the unhappy love story of Jason and Medea. The plot focuses on the actions of one powerful woman, Medea, the wife of Jason; she finds life difficult after Jason betrays and leaves her for a Greek princess of Corinth. Hence, Medea takes vengeance on Jason by acting like a â€Å"barbarian† and killing Jason’s new wife as well as her own children with him, after which she finds a new place in Athens to start a new life. By highlighting Medea, a strong woman in a patriarchal society, Euripides challenges his audience to look beyond the stereotypes of a traditional woman, ironically, he shows how a powerful woman can actually reinforce the patriarchal ideology. In Act one, Nurse introduces Medea and claims the unequal treatment of women in Greek society. Addressing that Jason â€Å"calls the old bond a barbarian mating, not a Greek marriage† (Euripides 9), later the chorus speaks on the wretched women in Corinth who suffer from the unfaithful actions of men. In Medea’s soliloquy, she rages on the fact that she was submissive and obedient to Jason under the dowry system. The audiences can infer that women in Corinth had little power in a marriage that controlled their lives. The unique dowry system prohibits women’s freedom in the choice, establishes many sexual and marital inequalities. All these restrictions put the â€Å"good and submissive† wife under their

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##ssination Of Martin Luther King Jr. And Abraham...

Robert F. Kennedys Remarks on the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. and President Abraham Lincolns Second Inaugural Address were both written to acknowledge how war and hatred has destroyed our nation. Robert F. Kennedy’s purpose was to clarify the lack of equality and to offer sympathy to those who have been affected by hate crimes. Kennedy adopts a humanistic and humble tone in order to inform his mostly black audience of Dr. King’s death. On the other hand, Abraham Lincoln’s purpose was to set the platform of unity in a nation divided by cultural and ethical differences. Lincoln adopts an effective and determined tone in order to reflect on the dream he has for our nation. Robert F. Kennedy opens his remarks on the†¦show more content†¦The past, present and future are being contrasted side by side. Robert F. Kennedy used Ethos, Pathos and Logos in his speech. Since Kennedy was a politician he used his ethical appeal by speaking of how people sh all not seek vengeance or fill themselves with hate and bitterness; that is how Ethos is used. Pathos is being used when Kennedy mentioned, â€Å"Martin Luther King dedicated his life to love and to justice between fellow human beings† (7). That is how the emotional appeal was conformed into the speech. Kennedy tried his hardest to persuade and reason with his audience to unite instead of divide; that is how the logical appeal, Logos was used. Therefore, Kennedy’s purpose was to clarify the lack of equality and to offer sympathy to those who have been affected by hate crimes. Also, Kennedy adopts a humanistic and humble tone in order to inform his audience of Martin Luther King’s death. Abraham Lincoln begins his Second Inaugural Address by establishing the time period when he gives this speech. He acknowledges that â€Å"On the occasion corresponding to this four years ago, all thoughts were anxiously directed to an impending civil-war† (8-9). Lincoln c larified both sides of the war in order to show that he acknowledged both of them and to not condemn the south. The vigilance and effort from the president conveys a strong and steady tone as he speaks of what he will do for the angion following the civil war. Abraham Lincolns speech includes parallelism

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The Ethics of Xenotransplantation Essay examples - 1615 Words

The Ethics of Xenotransplantation 1. Introduction to Xenotransplantation Xenotransplantation is the process of taking cells, parts of organs, or even whole organs from one species of animal, and implanting them into another species. The FDA has given their own definition of xenotransplantation which they say is â€Å"any procedure that involves the transplantation, implantation, or infusion into a human recipient of either live cells, tissues, or organs from a non human animal source, or human body fluids, cells, tissues or organs that have had ex vivo contact with live non human animal cells, tissues or organs.† The main interest of the practice is to be able to take organs from animals for the purpose of using them in humans in need†¦show more content†¦Also, in 1999, UNOS reported that 6125 people died while on the waiting list to receive a transplat organ. 3. Professional Issues One of the professional issues associated with xenotransplantation is that doctors may be more likely to take risks when it comes to the research and experimentation of xenotransplantation in hopes of attaining fame and notoriety. All medical doctors are required to take the Hippocratic Oath before they are given license to practice, which they may violate in their rush for fame in the pioneering of this new medical process. Doctors have certain responsibilities for the safety and health of their patients. To hear a recorded talk about the current issues of xenotransplantation go to: http://www.islet.org/45.htm . 4. Legal/Policy Issues One legal issue could be that researchers must take care not to violate the laws against cruelty to and abuse of animals. In addition, if people were to become infected with a disease because of xenotransplantation, there could be legal ramifications for the doctors who performed the suspected operation(s), as well as the companies in whose facilities the operation(s) was/(were) performed. To hear a recorded talk about the current issues of xenotransplantation go to: http://www.islet.org/45.htm . 5. Ethical Issues One of the ethical issues associated with xenotransplantation is the possibility of the risk of infection ofShow MoreRelatedThe Ethics of Xenotransplantation Xenotranplantation is the controversial procedure that involves1100 Words   |  5 PagesThe Ethics of Xenotransplantation Xenotranplantation is the controversial procedure that involves the transplantation of an animals live cells, tissues, body fluids, or organs 1. Define Canadas position on xenotransplantation Due to fewer deaths caused by car crashes and gunshots, Canada lacks in its number of organ donors. Hoping for development in the xenotransplantation is our only hope at this point. Although Canada is encouraged to participate in further research regarding the xenotransplantationRead MoreA Very Brief Look at Xenotransplantation 964 Words   |  4 PagesXenotransplantation originate from Greek â€Å"xenos-† meaning â€Å"foreign†. It is the transplant or use of live nonhuman animal cells, tissues and organs in humans or between different species. A similar approach is called allotransplantation which is the same procedure, just within the same species. These cells and organs can be implanted or enclosed in a device that is used outside the body (ex vivo perfusion). Xenotransplantation can help human beings suffering from organ failure to save lives. EveryRead MoreShould Animals Suffer And Be Harmed For The Sake Of Keeping Someone Alive Essay1286 Words   |  6 PagesIM PLICATIONS: Ethically, Xenotransplantation goes against a lot of different views from people. People link this to why should the animals suffer and be harmed for the sake of keeping someone alive. However, it also raises the view of the suffering family and friends of those who have to suffer an illness like diabetes, where is the balance between animal suffering and human benefit? The main ethical view is why should animals suffer when it isn’t certain if it will benefit humans? However, howRead MoreA Research On Genetic Engineering1407 Words   |  6 Pagessuch practices as therapeutic uses of embryonic stem cells and the genetic modification of animals to be wholly unethical. The way in which society deems something to right or wrong, or good or bad is through a system of moral principles known as ethics. Ethics are defined as moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour or the conducting of an activity and are a system of moral principles which affects how people make dec isions and lead their lives. This branch of philosophy defines what is goodRead MoreEssay on Xenotransplantation758 Words   |  4 PagesXenotransplantation The progress thats being made in the field of Xenotransplantation; the transplantation of an animal organ into a human host, is vital to the betterment of science and medicine and should not be hindered by the ignorant trepidation of a few individuals. The number of patients requiring organ transplants has exceeded the number of available human donors. For this reason science is looking to xenotransplantation as a solution which may yield access to a plethora of availableRead MoreOrgan Supply Vs Organ Demand : Ethical Issues That Arise1727 Words   |  7 PagesStates many patients are suffering due to the lack of a vital organ, because there is more demand than supply of organs, many patients die without ever receiving one. Although organ donation saves many lives, there have been questions in regards to ethics that surround it. People are even making the argument that it should not be practiced. Another question that has surfaced is, how can organ donation be improved in the United States so that people in need of organs can receive them at a high rateRead More The Benefits of Xenotransplantation Essay1535 Words   |  7 PagesThe Benefits of Xenotransplantation New technology has opened many doors of opportunity for advancements in medical science. Not even in our wildest dreams would we have imagined a world where animal organs could be safely transplanted into humans. A few years ago, this process called xenotransplantation, was completed for the very first time. The only dilemma critics had with the process involved the chances of infection and organ rejection from the patient. Through experimentation and advancesRead MoreEssay on Is Xenotransplantation an Ethical Solution or Disaster?1935 Words   |  8 Pages Is Xenotransplantation an ethical solution or disaster? nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The audience for this paper is comprised of those readers looking to gain knowledge on the issue of xenotransplantation. This group of people is unaware of the dynamics of the ethical arguments surrounding this current issue. This audience does not have a specific age or belief, reflecting the varied positions of the argument. Due to this hunger for factual informationRead MoreThe Ethical Issue Of Xenotransplantation And The Catholic Churches Essay1765 Words   |  8 PagesEthics, as defined in the dictionary, are moral principles that help govern a persons behaviour or the conducting of an activity. Ethics must be taken into consideration when forming a decision towards major and minor issues in our society. Many ethical issues are present in our society: abortion, euthanasia and gay marriage. In my report I will be discussing the ethical issue of Xenotransplantation and the Catholic Churches response to it. Xenotransplantation is a procedure involving the transplantationRead MoreEssay on Xenotransplantation3333 Words   |  14 PagesXenotransplantation Physicians today are faced with a growing list of patients awaiting transplants for organs that have failed, but there are not enough donors to meet these needs. Countries all over the world have a â€Å"human organ shortage† and the waiting lists for organ transplants only seem to grow longer (Melo 427). In the United States 62,000 patients needed a kidney, liver, or pancreatic transplant in the year 2001. Xenotransplantation, which refers to the transplantation of organs,

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Review On System Analysis Design

Questions: Data Flow Diagram Context Diagram and Level 0 Diagram 1.Draw a context diagram and a level-0 DFD for it?2.Draw a use case diagram by using the Level-0 DFD that you provided in Task 1? Domain Model Class Diagram 3.Develop a domain model class diagram for the system based on the project case study? Activity Diagram 4. Develop an activity diagram for the scenario? System Sequence Diagram 5. Using the Activity Diagram above, produce a system sequence diagram, i.e. only include two swimlanes one for the actor (PSSM employee) and the other for the entire system as a system class object? Answers: 1. Data Flow Diagram Level 0 Diagram and Context Diagram Context Level Diagram: The context level diagram demonstrates that entire operational process for Professional and Scientific Staff Management (PSSM). The design context diagram allows the CEO or the member of the staffing agency in taking order from the clients and process the order into database. If the database accept the order of the clients then it request to pay to clients for the professionals or technical staffs. After putting information and payment by clients, an entire detail goes to the financial department of the company. In this context diagram, the process is represented by the oval circle. External entity for the business of PSSM can be the actor. They are able to receive the process as well as trigger the process. In the business process of Professional and Scientific Staff Management, there were two external entities. Following to round rectangular shape represented the external entity of PSSM Flow of Data was represented by the front arrow keys that connect the main process with the sub process. Data Flow Diagram: Above level 0 diagrams demonstrates that client can input their criteria into the automated information system. After getting the input from clients enquiry handling department schedule the criteria clients. However, this automatic system allows to take appointment from respected staffs or employees or professional that record stored in the record information database (Dennis et al. 2012). After taking the information about employees, enquiry handling department makes the evaluation of input method. Apart from that, the system is designed with the sequential communication and it creates a time lag in order to process the system seriously. The symptoms of design system automatically checked time to time (regular intervals). However, the forms that placed in left is originated as a automatic triggers and the entire process can get overlooked during the time of absence of people or when the people busy. The record information systems are very string and it is not affected by the feedbac k of clients or the process manager such as accounts department, enquiry handling department, etc. Moreover, the controls system of design data flow diagram supposed to generate result when it was executed (Kordon, 2013). The designed data flow diagram for Professional and Scientific Staff Management staffing agency is developed with too much form filling trays. It helps in minimizing error and the scope for future success. Apart from that use of too much form filling trays reduce confusion for users. However, the designed data flow diagram makes a very easy system to use and the foundation of design data flow diagram of Professional and Scientific Staffs Management produce the information and stored it into the database (Zhang et al. 2012). Thus it manages the entire information system process for Professional and Scientific Staffs Management. Use trays and system helps in generating automatic result in different ways as well as in different stages of processing. Apart from that, the designed diagram works in different locations based on geographic area. Designed DFD possibly derives the report of transaction and keep the record of transaction details in database. Furthermore, above mentioned DFD prevent the duplications of data or transaction details in database (Sandborn, 2013). The above DFD allows the member of enquiry department to advertise the potential employees of technical staffs to their clients. This recommendation with detail description helps in motivating customer and increased the satisfactory level. The functions of receptionists in this automated system help in active performance by the receptionist of PSSM. They provide the information to clients about available staffs in their agency and recommended for undertaking the appropriate employees by analysing the clients business activity (Berk, 2009). The designed DFD or automated system explains the entire operational process of Professional and Scientific Staff Management. 2. Use Case Diagram The aim of this use case diagram is to include the clients for selection of employees automatically based on their matching criteria and employees qualification. The design use case diagram demonstrates the detail description via different layers. The design use case diagram never repeats the scenario. The use case diagram allows the clients in subscribing their reviews because clients or customers of Professional and Scientific Staff Management staffing agency company has wide range of clients based on different locations. When clients subscribe their reviews the tracking system handling information and provide options to select the location to client (Sarma, 2012). Based on location, the payment options are also different. Therefore, the case diagram allows clients in understanding payment details in the designed system. Apart from that, clients can order for required employees and get opportunity for selecting the employees or technician that required for their business based on m atching criteria as well as qualification. 3. Domain Model Class Diagram The designed domain model class diagram explains that clients placed their order via the automatic system of PSSM. This diagram demonstrates that client have wide range of choice before purchasing a employees for short time project or technician for making a solution of their IT system. The use class diagram helps the company in generating unique ID for each payment as well as each order (Park and Rim, 2012). The system generate ID or complete the order process after getting information with detail description from the account department of professional and Scientific Staff Management. As soon as, details of payment get, payment department confirm the booking of technical staffs or employees for short term project. In the placed order box, clients can view the purchased order with detail description. In the order status box, customer can get the information about placed order such as shipment, delivery, handed to clients, etc (Qu, 2012). Apart from that the designed system facilitate s the company in linking the line services with the order specification of client. It indicates that, the receptionists of PSSM provide detail description to the higher authority of the company and engage or booked technical staffs or employees according to requirement of client. 4. Activity Diagram This activity diagram displays client order for the employees or technical staffs based on their requirement. However, if the selecting employees not available on that occasion one message display that selecting employee is not available at that moment (Choi et al. 2011). Moreover, client can shows the price of employees for contract basis into the display board and after selection of employees one form appears for input the payment details. After putting the payment details it shows waiting message due to verification of payment methods. If the payment price does not match with the selected employees price, it shows that payment amount does not match with the employees price. The design automatic system display to client the dispense amount and dispense staffs. 5. System Sequence Diagram This system sequence diagram allows the actors of PSSM to check the credit for purchased or booked employees for short term project or technician for resolving technical issues. The employees of PSSM can generate information from the stock inventory of design class objective about the engagement with other companies for project. Apart from that, CEO or the other member of Professional and Scientific Staff Management (PSSM) can get information from stock inventory about details operational process. Reference List Books Berk, J. (2009). Systems failure analysis. Materials Park, Ohio: ASM International. Dennis, A, Wixom, D, Tegarden, D (2012), Systems analysis design, UML version 2.0: an object oriented approach, John Wiley Sons, New Jersey. Kordon, F. (2013). Embedded systems. London: ISTE. Sandborn, P. (2013). Cost analysis of electronic systems. Singapore: World Scientific. Journals Choi, S., Park, S. and Subramaniyam, M. (2011). Analysis of processing time between distributed geometric modeling systems. Computer-Aided Design, 43(2), pp.115-121. Kim, J., Lee, Y., Song, I. and Yoon, S. (2011). Analysis of Intersymbol Interference due to Overlap m Overlap-Based DM-BPSK CSS Systems. The Journal of Korea Information and Communications Society, 36(2C), pp.99-104. Park, Y. and Rim, M. (2012). Factors Analysis Affecting Success of RFID Implementation The Journal of Korea Information and Communications Society, 37(2C), pp.157-167. Qu, M. (2012). Cytological Analysis of the Effect of Gametocidal Chromosome 2C on ChineseSpring- E. elongatum 7E Disomic Addition. Procedia Environmental Sciences, 12, pp.1225-1230. Sarma, R. (2012). Design and Performance Analysis of Hybrid Adders for High Speed Arithmetic Circuit. International Journal of VLSI Design Communication Systems, 3(3), pp.21-32. Zhang, B., Jia, Z., He, L., Wang, G. and Peng, G. (2012). Characterization of the protein phosphatase 2c gene from Porphyra yezoensis and functional analysis under dessicating conditionsa. Botanica Marina, 55(4). Pp. 52-89

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What is the future of technology in education free essay sample

Nowadays Technology is involved in every branch of our life. Our everyday tasks are completely changed due to technological movement. The types of communications can be done faster through the Internet or local networks, and emails have taken the place of cards and letters. There are many examples of daily activities in which technology has partially changed it, and it seems to be doing so incessantly. The world of technology is swelling right before our eyes and will continuously do so for many years to come. There is a growing need to educate ourselves and others about technology so that we become familiar with it and not feel intimidated by this growing phenomenon and the best way to do that is through our education system.There are 3 main stages of our education system: primary, secondary and post-secondary levels. Currently, the school systems are trying to use several technological tools and applications into their classrooms while maintaining the traditional classroom environment. We will write a custom essay sample on What is the future of technology in education? or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page One popular program that is being used recently is Cable in the Classroom, which allows the teacher to use computer programs as a helpful tool to illustrate specific topics discussed in class for easy learning. This concept is becoming popular and is proving to be a successful educational tool. Technology allows the student to comprehend the subject easier. It is not the only the beneficiary to the student, but it is also a great help to the teacher. Using certain tools can make a class more interested and knowing that the teacher has their attention can make their job easier as well.Using Computer learning systems in education have significant advantages that are evident through accumulated experience in classes. Students work independently and individually on answering questions and thus grow with self-confidence, responsibility and a tendency to innovate it also enhances their self-esteem and makes them excited. it also provide the students with immediate feedback that increases motivation for learning and helps to detect and correct mistakes. In addition to the above, technology have helped students with both physical and mental disabilities easily attend to school and successfully get a degree by using wheelchairs, new speaking devices, like the electronic pointing device which control computer screen without the use of hands and sip and puff system. All these devices can be used in conjecture with a computer program that speaks out commands, comments or words, allowing the participant to speak and communicate with other students and teachers.Furthermore, cochlear implants permit students who are profoundly deaf or severely hard of hearing to participate in school discussions and classes. The device and the microphone the teacher wears allow the student to hear and understand speech better.